Using MS Team Foundation Server for Kanban

This is a quick introduction to the Microsoft Team Foundation Server that is part of their Visual Studio suite of products.  If you are starting your implementation of Kanban  and want to dip your toe in the  water, Microsoft Team Foundation Server may be the answer.   Microsoft offers this as a free service, along with Visual Studio, to private projects of up to 5 people.    It includes a story tracking system and source control.

I entered some sample stories into TFS and was pleased with the ease of use.  It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that lets you interact with the Kanban board just like physical cards.  It also lets you switch between Kanban board view and a traditional Scrum story listing.

The Kanban board screen is shown here.

Kanban board


By selecting “Backlog” or “Board” , you can switch between a story backlog view or visual board .  This is the “Backlog” view of the same information.

Story board


Finally, there is a nice Cumulative Flow Diagram available from the Kanban board.  This will allow the scrum master and teams to quickly see trends in how their stories are flowing to completion.


CFD Diagram


Microsoft TFS is an easy solution that provides technology to support starting your Kanban roll out.    You can find more information here.

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